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The Tabernacle, or main church, was completed in December of 2015.  Since 2010, the Fuente de Vida Church had been meeting in a room in the school with a max occupancy of around 200. People where having to stand outside just to hear the message. 


God touched some donors' hearts, and a new building, which seats 1,000 people, it is now complete and is full most Sunday afternoons. 


This building also houses Pastor Yobani's first office, as well as well as an office for the church secretary.  This provides a place for counseling and a place to talk when people from the 64 churches which Fuente de Vida has planted come to town.


This building is the center of outreach to the 22,000 people who live in the area.  The main goal of the church is to help people find peace with God.

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