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"God give me these mountains"

- Andre Van Denberg. 

The above quote is one that the first missionary in this ministry prayed while going door to door sharing the Gospel. Decades later we have had the opportunity to see the fufillment of these prayers. 


We believe local churches are the way in which God spreads the Gospel and helps His people grow in love and faith. The first church, Fuente De Vida (Fountain of Life), was created in Taulabe in 1993. Since that time the ministry has founded over 60 churches in the poorest mountain areas around Taulabe.


These churches are part of the Fuente De Vida association and are overseen by the Honduran board and leaders. The pastor and leader of those churches are discipled by the lead pastor and president of Fuente De Vida, Yobani Alas.  


Yobani’s passion is to help the youth of these communities to break the poverty cycle and come to faith in Christ. Many of those mountain children are cared for by the school and sponsored through Compassion International.


Fuente De Vida helps provide clothes, school supplies and bibles to the pastors of the mountain churches. Which they then pass out to their community.

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