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Would you like to provide a loving home for a girl between the the age 2-18? If so, we have several girls within Hogar de Ninas who need sponsoring!


You can become a partial sponsor or full sponsor. Full sponsorship is $250 a month. Your $250 gift provides all lodging, food, education, medical care, and a loving environment. Partial sponsorship is a monthly donation of $25 or more. 


Every donation counts in providing a place for these girls!


After donating you will receive an email with information of the girl you sponsor so you can begin a relationship together. 



Many children never get the opportunity to attend school past the sixth grade in Honduras because of the cost.  


For only $25 a month you could provide an education at a top-rated Christian school for a Honduran child in need. This school teaches over 400 students who attend grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Most families do not have the ability to pay $25 per month for tuition, but you can help.

On an monthly basis, the school needs $5000 in donations to supplement the pay for 30 teachers and to buy supplies.  Supplemental breakfasts are supplied by a grant from the Honduran government.  This school building is also used by a local college for weekend classes.

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