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Yobani Alas 

Jim Pearce

I have been so blessed to be involved with this ministry over the past 13 years and to watch over 400 people go to Honduras and be blessed by God as they see him working in their hearts in a fresh new way.


They begin to see how scandalous the love of God is for them and for the people there. They come back with a renewed vision of the love of Christ as he heals them of their junk. I tell people that I am like a kid in a candy shop because of the precious blessing of being able to watch God work in the hearts of the people on the teams in the hearts of the people there.


It is been said that more is accomplished in a one-week mission trip than in a year of Sunday school. I have had the privilege of taking teams overseas since 1984 and I believe sincerely in that last statement about what is accomplished.


Thank you!!!


Jim Pearce

We are two sister organizations working together to establish and expand the Kingdom of God through the preaching of the Gospel and by offering social help, specially to the poor and needy in Taulabe and surrounding areas. 

Regarding the ministry, we understand that social help and the human development projects like the Home for girls, the kindergarden, primary school and tenth grade, building projects like the school, church and others would not be able to work properly if it is not because of organizations like Fuente de Vida.  

This organization has had a great impact in the community since our end game is evangelistical so our children, youngster and adults be reached for Jesus Christ. Our prayers is for God to maintain us united with the same vision and purpose so God may continue opening doors. There are no words to thank you for the invaluable help that you, through the sponsors give for the work of the Lord in this place.

In Christ Jesus

Your friend and brother,

Yobani Alas

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