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Imagine growing up in a country where the 80% of the students drop out of school after the 6th grade because either they cannot afford to continue or have to work in the fields. Imagine having no hope for education because you cannot afford the $25 per month to go to school. 

Education is a critical part of building hope for the future for an individual and in helping change a country. Fuente de Vida saw this need and over 10 years ago started a Christian school to not only give a chance for an education, but also to hear of the love of Jesus and the opportunity to have a personal relationship with God. The school has now grown to K-12th grade, with over 400 students enrolled! 

Students give what they can, but most can give very little. The total cost to operate the school for a year is $50,000. God has provided the buildings including a computer and science lab and a library. The challenge now is providing the money for the school to remain open. Please help us keep the school open by donating or sponsoring a child.

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